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Features in the June issue

Carbonated Soft Drinks

The global trend towards increased naturalness has also made its mark in carbonated soft drinks, according to Döhler.

Cloudy Or Clear

As manufacturers try to keep up with consumer trends, beverages have become more and more diverse. And diverse drinks need diverse formulations, writes Mona Rademacher

Aseptic For Aujan

Aujan Industries decided to produce its Rani brand on a new aseptic PET line. The Sidel solution provides the flexibility of an extensive range of possibilities, including new sizes and formats, as well as attractive new bottle shapes. 

Balancing The Power 

As growth begins to slow in developed regions, manufacturers are looking towards new markets to achieve overall long-term growth. Meanwhile, the combination of a burgeoning population and the rapid rise of a strong middle class in emerging markets offer tremendous potential for the carton packaging industry, writes Libby Costin.

Carton Recycling

Modern packaging solutions should make a positive contribution to sustainability, which is why the beverage carton industry supports a life cycle approach to measuring and managing carbon impacts of products and packaging across all stages of the value chain, comments Richard Hands. 


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